Does something that is handbuilt feel better? Does it look better? Does it matter? Han Koning thinks it does. Because the way he works from head through hand guarantees a blend of uniqueness that is real. Studio real. Growing pains real. Tender Loving Care real. And it shows. In every design and every single item.

Yes. To serendipity. Uniqueness. Character. To real. A never out of stock collection. From the head and hand of Han Koning to your space.

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It's both a jungle and a cleanroom. His studio is exactly this! Self sufficient. Ever growing. Seasonal. Flowing with the tide of ideas. He grows stuff, builds stuff, makes stuff. For himself, for humankind.

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The believer. He does this primarily for the sake and joy of the investigation and the autonomous process. And he believes that doing things by the heart brings beauty and makes them last longer. And this matters to him. He is in love with materials, form and the significance of things. The inevitable rules of nature, the vastness of our universe. The concept of time, evolution, circularity and movement. Han Koning wants to know all about it. And in his effort he captures his thoughts in shape and material. Looking back to the future and reconstructing right now.

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Cooperating with architects, or delivering directly to a diverse range of clients. Creating one-off pieces or small batch repro’s. Specials made by hand, aided by self developed systems and machines. Installations, abstract objects or function integrated. Always with that same attention for detail and giving each project the uttermost focus he believes it deserves.

Photo: Hans MosselPhoto: Hans Mossel
Foto: Hans MosselFoto: Hans Mossel
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