Does something that is handbuilt feel better? Does it look better? Does it matter? It does!


an object that interacts with its surroundings.

It all started at the Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where Han drew international attention with his award-winning design '103% Vase'. After graduating he started his own company to be able to do what he likes most: creating cool products. From idea to product, from purchasing materials to dispatch, everything in his own hands.

Han's inspiration for new products is everywhere he is. Cruising in town on his fixie, reading on a plane to Bangkok, cloud-gazing from the deck of his boat – the ideas keep on flowing. From an ever-growing bank of photos, sketches and material experiments, new products bubble up. These products come to life in the Development Room, Han's lab equipped with machines that he designed and built himself.

Han's way of working is driven not by any style or trend, but by his love for turning techniques inside out and for experimenting with materials and form. The results of Han's experimentation are for sale, to order. Each product is made solely for you and is thus unique. More and more architects and interior designers are coming to Han for specials – one-off objects and installations and custom versions of products from his collection.